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10/17/20 - Store updates from Butch


Beloved Shoppers!


-There is so much squash at the store! Sawyer's own Pumpkins and delicious Delicata, Acorn Squash from the Farm at Miller's Crossing in Hudson, these ADORABLE little decorative guys from Bardwell Farm, and IPM Spaghetti Squash from Plaineville Farm in the valley. I'll be honest and say I've never had Spaghetti Squash and wouldn't know what to do with it. Could be they're just filled with spaghetti. We wanted Lincoln to interview one to find out but none of us speak Italian.


- Speaking of Squash, the farm house roof got squashed during that micro-burst. It was one of the craziest weather-related experienced I've ever had. Lincoln and I were up in the field cleaning up and saw what looked like a gray curtain moving fast down the hillside towards us. No sooner had we decided to flee but were in the middle of it, getting blown sideways and pelted by hail. A couple trees went down harmlessly around the field but one in front of the house took out the power line and did a surprisingly small amount of damage to the roof, considering how big it was.

Also, couple of days ago we were harvesting root vegetables and had the horses standing next to the store while we unloaded the trailer. For some reason when the root washer turned on (that's that big, strange, tube-looking apparatus by the porch) the horses spooked and started hauling ass up the driveway still attached to this big harvest trailer! Lincoln and Shannon were nearly squashed! But Lincoln ran after them and performed a stunt like, what he called, "a poor man's Indiana Jones," jumping on the back of the trailer at 5mph, racing up to the reins and getting the horses turned around and calmed down.

I got all this second hand, as I was inside calmly making everyone coffee for lunch. Nobody was hurt, but the horses, in their panic, ran that trailer into the post at the corner of the store porch and completely knocked it out. 


-Even though all that was exciting, what's even more exciting is that we've got Pine Hill Apple Cider again! It's apple season and we're pretty jacked up about it. Apple varieties are coming through the store thick and fast, I can hardly keep up. I think we've got Cortlands and Honey Crisp right now-but don't quote me on that.


- What else? Eliza Dragon brought us another batch of amazing hand made soaps. These are special, really. If I were kinder to myself I would use them every day, but I'm not so I mostly get them as gifts for other people.. 


-Also we're not able to carry Elbow Room Coffee for awhile. Which is a bummer. But Melissa, who runs Elbow Room, has given her blessing to No.6 Depot as a good replacement. In order from dark to light roast, we've got: Notes From the Underground, Blue Velvet, and Berkshire Sky. There's also a Guatemalan Decaf. If you can't live without Elbow Room you can visit Melissa at her shop in Williamsburg, which I highly recommend. Get a Taj Mahal breakfast burrito while you're there. 


-Last but not least, we've tracked down more of the best tofu we've ever had. Like the penne and spaghetti we sell, I think it's intended for use in restaurants, as it's packaging is ugly and ungainly. It comes from House Foods Organics in a two pound brick wrapped in plastic. It's perfect. 

We still have old reliable Nasoya Extra-Firm, for those not ready to make the switch.


See you at the store!