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The Community Food Access Program

Introducing Sawyer Farm's Community Food Access Program

Anyone paying with EBT (electronic benefits transfer), or who is a senior on a fixed income qualifies for a 20% discount on their entire purchase. See the discount info at our shop.


How are we paying for this? Individual donations! People have been so generous. If you're in a position to do so, it's easy to make a donation as you shop. This program is a very personal way to help your neighbors.


There is so much that is so wrong with our food system, from human health to environmental health, to subsidies, economic inequality.... I just deleted a long rant about it. Because you get the point! For now, I'll just say, what excites me about this program is that it has the potential to address food quality and access, connect neighbors, and support good farming and local businesses.


Thanks for all your support. We've all been here for each other.