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Harvested from our woods.

The earliest spring green. This onion family member puts out two leaves in early spring, taking advantage of the light that hits the forest floor before leaf out. It'll have flowered and died back by the time green leaves appear, so our window for enjoying it is short. For most of history, in the Northeast, people would have been eagerly awaiting ramp harvest -- it would've been the first green thing they'd eaten in 5 months.

Ramp has been way overharvested as it has grown in popularity. For this reason, we don't harvest the bulbs -- only the leaves. Yes, the bulbs are delicious, but this is a perennial plant, so harvesting the bulb ends its life. 

How to prepare it? You can put it in a salad raw for an onion-y bite. But it's usually lightly sauteed, like spinach. The bite goes out of it, and it becomes a little sweet. It's great in stir fry or ramen. 

1/4lb bag.