Now Open For Walk-ins! 9 AM - 7 PM every day of the week!

About the Farm

We (Hilary Costa and Lincoln Fishman) moved to Sawyer Farm in 2010. We got a free horse from Crabapple Farm, bought some chickens, some seeds, and have been learning from our mistakes and our mentors' successes ever since.

Butch Flowers and Erica Terpening-Romeo moved here 4 years ago, and have become the biceps and heart of the farm since then. Shannon McCaffrey started 2 years ago, and if she quits, we probably will too. That's the crew, and during the pandemic, those are the only people handling food, packing orders, and in and about the store.

Our goal has always been to produce delicious, nutrient-rich food sustainably to feed ourselves and our community. Pandemic pickups are new, but certainly fit right into our long-time mission.  

Are we organic? We're not certified. But we use the phrase beyond organic -- we never use chemicals or sprays or toxins of any kind. That's what we don't do. What we do do is more important -- minimizing fossil fuels, maximizing carbon capture, minimizing soil disturbance, maximizing cover crops and diversity. Soil health is the heart and soul of our operation.