Now Open For Walk-ins! 9 AM - 7 PM every day of the week!


Q: Can I still pre-order?

A: You can't! We're sorry, but it's time to switch back to walk-in shopping. It's no longer tenable to pay staff to fill orders, and lots of people want to be able to pick out their own produce, which we totally understand. FYI, we're all fully vaccinated.

Q: But I seriously still want to pre-order. 

A: OK, you can give us a call and we'll see what we can do. Call Lincoln at 413-320-8535.

Q: I'd rather not pay with a credit card. Can I pay with an EBT card, or check, or Hilltown Food Bucks, or cash? 

A: Yes!

EBT: You'll need to call us if we're not in the store so we can run your card (we're not allowed to leave the reader out when we're not present.

Cash/Check/Food Bucks: Leave it in the money tree (it'll make sense once you're in the store). Checks payable to Sawyer Farm, please! 

Q: _____ is out of stock. When will you have it again? 

A: Most out-of-stock items will be back within 48 hours. Please check back. Sorry for any inconvenience.  

Q: Where are you located?

A: 19 Sawyer Road, Worthington, MA, 01098. Sawyer Road shows up on GPS, but it is not actually marked. Look for a metal sign along Cummington Road that says, "Sawyer Farm."