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Bite Blob topical with clay

Hilltown Herbals
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Bite Blob. A topical remedy for tick bites.

A best-seller in the Hilltowns, where, we say affectionately, people are “cheap and practical.”

Here’s the easiest way to do it: Get a spoon (or something), and a band-aid, open it and have ready with “wings” folded back. Put a small dime-size pile of clay in the palm of your hand. Add drops of the liquid and help the clay absorb the it til the blob is good and moist just short of runny. Scrape up the blob with spoon (or thumbnail, for the experts), and spread it around on the pad of the band-aid. Carefully apply the band-aid to bite site – this can be tricky. (Get help if you have another human around. Or find one! Do not be shy. It is too important. Actually, having a few designated “tick buddies” in the neighborhood who can help you late at night is important. I have three. What is a little momentary embarrassment compared to what you can get from ticks??) Instructions are also on the bottle.