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MARCH Meadowsweet Farm Share

MARCH Meadowsweet Farm Share

Sawyer Farm Store
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Please read all information before ordering!

Sign-ups for MARCH Milk Share must be completed by 6pm on 3/3/21.

March Pick Up Dates: 3/6/21, 3/13/21, 3/20/21, 3/27/21.

What this is:
This is an independent milk group pickup from Meadowsweet Farm, formerly known as Sidehill Farm. By selecting this item, you're adding yourself to our weekly pickup of milk, and you can pick up the milk here at Sawyer Farm Store. Sawyer Farm Store is not selling the milk. We are only the pickup location for an independent milk group pickup. Meadowsweet's practices are impeccable and up to Massachusetts raw milk standards, but Sawyer Farm Store is not responsible for the quality of the milk, or its bottling. Any consumption of raw milk is at your own risk. 

We'll be picking up milk every Friday evening, available for your pickup during regular store hours (2-6pm) on Saturday. You don't have to pick up your milk on Saturday, but that's the day it'll be freshest.

When you add this item to your cart, you are adding a month's worth of milk. If you add one gallon, that means one gallon every Saturday (four in March). If you increase the quantity of this item, that means you're getting that quantity every week for the next four weeks. You'll pay for the whole month upfront.
Half Gallons: $5.50 each, $22 for March. Gallons: $9 each, $36.00 for March.

Fine Print:
-We can't offer refunds if you aren't able to pick up your milk on a certain week, nor can we offer a partial share, one-time purchase, or cancellation of your share. We have marked the product up by one dollar, only to cover admin and delivery, so if we refund, we'll end up losing money very quickly.

-these are plastic jugs. We know the glass bottles are great, but figuring out the bottle deposits and making sure we get bottles back from folks is just a bit too complicated for a no-profit venture, so we can't offer the glass bottles. 

The Past and the Future:
- February milk orders are closed.
- On 3/31/21 after 6pm, this item will become APRIL Meadowsweet Share. You can order for April 2021 anytime once that happens, with the understanding your first milk pickup would be 4/3/21.

Please email store@sawyerfarmshare.com with any questions!