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Heirloom Tortilla Kit - 1.5 lb.

Heirloom Tortilla Kit - 1.5 lb.

This is the coolest thing we grow and sell. From our own heirloom corn. We seed it by hand, weed it with the horses, undersow it with clover, harvest it by hand, shell it with a homemade electric sheller, dry it in our corn crib, and then combine it with lime (the stone, not the fruit). That's where our work ends. 

You bring it home, boil the corn/lime mix for an hour or so, then rinse it. Now you have posole, or whole corn hominy. Eat it as is, or add to chili/soup. 

Or, throw it in a food processor to make a dough, called masa, which is tortilla dough. Press it or roll it out, cook it in a hot pan for a few seconds on each side. Best tortillas this side of the border. And would compete well on the other side of the border too. 

Directions are in every bag of mix.